Think Integrated – Our First Video Series is Born

February 7, 2013

This week Environics launched Think Integrated – a monthly video series of curated thoughts from great minds in marketing.  Over the next year, we’re connecting with influential personalities in the industry, chronicling their take on integrated communications.

Now “great minds” is indeed a bold label to throw out there, but when our video team had the opportunity to interview Ken Wong, Distinguished Professor of Marketing & Business Strategy, Queens University School of Business and get his perspective on integrated communications and “noise” in the marketplace, it sparked an idea to take this type of dialogue a step further.

So why do this? Integrated Marketing Communications (IMC) is an emerging communications philosophy. And while Environics has a lot of smart people inside our walls, we’re also smart enough to recognize that everyone can learn from their peers.

The North American communications landscape is undeniably noisy, and there’s no shortage of marketers and academics talking about integration (including Environics).  It’s also a broad topic that people approach from all different angles – some focus specifically on communications channel integration, while others look at a bigger picture – integrating advertising, PR, digital, and experiential efforts.  Many believe IMC is rooted in the practice of multiple channels and multiple agency disciplines working together.  Our President and CEO Bruce MacLellan has blogged about this subject in the past and we’re interested in the opinion of others.

On deck for Think Integrated in the coming months – we’re excited to be tapping into Alon Marcovici, VP Consumer Sales and Marketing at The Globe and Mail.  Alon will be sharing some thoughts on what it’s like being in the trenches in a shifting time and figuring out multi-channel delivery of content (and how to use this to engage varying audiences in different ways).  We’ll also soon be joined by Saul Colt, one of North America’s best recognized word of mouth marketers and customer experience designers.  As the self-proclaimed Mayor of Twitter and Smartest Man in the World, we’re looking forward to Saul’s unique point of view.

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With a nod to my digital colleagues, my opinion is that successful communications integration first starts with a great idea and understanding the audience – before channels or tactics are ever discussed. Going through a discovery process to recognize what current analytics tell us, and how these ladder up (or not) to short and long term business goals is the necessary approach before embarking down any communications path.  But that’s just me.

What do you think of the series idea? Any and all integrated communications thoughts are welcome!